Friday, January 24, 2014

Delivering Deliverance

Boom. Almost 2 million dollars and counting for Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Kickstarter.

"Dungeons & No Dragons" is their catchline and I'm not complaining one single bit.

Since the likes of War of Roses and the awesome Mount & Blade series, Deliverance promises a realistic medieval First Person experience with innovative combat, open world exploration and a war system.

Their Kickstarter page has recently revealed a number of stretch goals for additional contents. For more information, do visit their KS page here.

Deliverance's announce trailer was enough to knock me off my horse and I will keep an eye on their progress.

One does not simply PARKOUR into Mordor

This is Middle-Earth : Shadow of Mordor developed by Monolith Productions (of No One Lives Forever and F.E.A.R. fame). Shadows is exactly what you'll get when you cross-breed Tolkien's literature, Assassin's Creed and Batman's Arkham series.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My kingdom for Deliverence

This game looks amazing. Lets all hope it Delivers. Definitely looking out for this.