Wednesday, May 2, 2012

God of War: Ascension ..has multiplayer


The thought in my mind exactly. The best I could imagine how this could be is.. Powerstone.. with gods and god killers alike. Could be fun and its the gamble that Sony's Santa Monica Studios is willing to take.

The Not-Kratos, your avatar!

According to the announcement, the game will allow 4 players to duke it out on each other. No idea if it'll be strictly online only or offline friendly. Could include co-op though, which would be cool. Players get to create their own original character (sorry, no Kratos) and has the option to side with either Ares, Zeus, Poseidon or Hades (hence, no Kratos). Depending on which god's ass the player decides to kiss, it will affect their character's overall appearance.

The cyclops playing with his action figures

Aside from some screenshots (and a huge cyclops in the background), not much detail is given on the multiplayer but gameplay-wise will still retain the game's signature combat. You know what that means? QUICK-TIME-EVENT KILLS ON OTHER PLAYERS! RAPIDLY TAP CIRCLE TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THAT FUCKER! Knife kills will be the thing of the past.

For sure, Sony will shed more light on the multiplayer and also the singlepayer during E3.

"Hey dude, remember when I triangle, triangle, square, tapped rapidly on X, rotated the right analog stick clockwise and tore your sorry ass into two? THAT WAS THE SHIT, BEEEEOOOOTCH!!"

Yeap. Knife kills will  be the thing of the past.

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