Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The End of Mass Effect. FOR REAL.

"Hello again, Shepard.. do what you must.." - artwork by Dragetta
I was skeptical at first.

It would hurt any gamer out there to kill good friend Marauder Shields yet again to find out the new endings that was prepared by Bioware. Is it enough to redeem themselves after three months?

Spoilers ahoy.

The answer?


What makes an ending awesome? Consequence, outcome, closure and most importantly: emotional impact.

In version 1.DUURRHHH of the ending, all players were left hanging with a half-baked ending that supposedly closed Shepard's chapter once and for all. Fans were outraged and petitioned for Bioware  to remake the endings entirely. Thankfully, they listened.

A huge franchise with a bummer ending? Yeap, they fucked up bad. This time, they atoned for their mistake.

Like the original, all these endings differ from each other depending on the player's decisions through Mass Effect 1 to 3. Although varied, all 3 of them are now satisfying. My personal choice & favorite would be the Synthesis ending.

So dust off your savegame and replay your final moments of Mass Effect 3. This time, keep in mind that Marauder Shields is smiling and he knows his sacrifice is now necessary for your happiness.

For the lazy bastards out there, here are the videos of the endings:




There you go. I'm sure there are nay-sayers out there who still find the endings disappointing, but to me, I liked them regardless. Gave me a reason to start a new game from Mass Effect 1 all over again to see how it ends in 3.

Thanks for listening, Bioware. It may be the end of Shepard's legend but I'm sure we'll be seeing more of the Mass Effect universe in the future.

Keelah Se'lai.

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