Thursday, April 19, 2012

God of War Ascension Teaser

Well.. judging by the recently announced God of War title, it seems like its not a "4" after all.

Rather than a sequel to 2010's blockbuster hit where we hope Kratos would go to other god realms to kill Thor, Jupiter, Amaterasu and have a fuck awesome rock concert battle finale with Jesus, we get another prequel. It seems like Kratos would never get any less of those, huh? Ah well.. you got a cow, so milk it.

As what was gathered from the teaser, it seems like they'll be focusing on Kratos' tale as a spartan warrior before he made a pact with Hades, goes to hell, kills and replaced Hades, gets betrayed by Zeus, goes to hell again, added Titans on facebook, remembered his encounter about Persephone wanting to rebel against the gods and another trip to hell in between, goes to Olympus, kills more gods, went to hell again just to kill it's owner, faced Zeus in an epic final showdown, screws Athena (not literally..), kills himself and finally, remembered his encounter with his brother, Deimos, who was stuck in hell Thanatos' realm.

That aside, it does seem interesting. Maybe we'll get more backstory of Kratos' rivalry with the Barbarian Chieftan. Even better, we'll see a more honorable and calm side of Kratos before he went batshit crazy and killed his family. Oh, and probably another trip to hell.

Keep them previews coming, Sony. We want to know more!

P.S - For a titan who got screwed by Kratos in the end, Gaia really doesn't mind to do story narrations for Kratos.. Oh and this post may contain spoilers.. too late?

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