Sunday, December 7, 2014

PSX 2014 - No Man's Sky | Awe struck

Joining the ranks of ambitious open world space sims such as Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous, the PS4 exclusive Hello Games' No Man's Sky has wow-ed gamers since it's debut trailer in E3 2014.

Hello Games has released a new trailer for the PlayStation Experience 2014 expo showcasing more gameplay elements that are to be expected. It's strong presentation with beautiful art direction,  promise of seamless space exploration and outstanding music is indeed a feat to behold.

We've yet to see if NMS features an actual combat module for on-foot and space faring, social elements and other features that could set the game apart from it's competitors. Hello Games promised an explorable galaxy(ies?) that would actually take 5 billion real-life years to fully explore. In what way such vast content can be made possible? Or is it merely an over-exegerration? We've yet to find out.

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