Sunday, December 7, 2014

PSX 2014 - Uncharted 4 gameplay | That is all.

Do I really need a standfirst? IT'S UNCHARTED 4, MAN!

We finally get to see the game in action after it's first announcement during E3 2014 earlier this year and man.. it looks gorgeous.

A whole new dynamic style of gameplay has been introduced with the addition of the grappling hook and a new climbing mechanic. It's good to know that it's now possible to avoid confrontation with mercenaries by fleeing the combat area unseen rather than having to plow down every enemy you'll encounter (although trigger-happy gamers will do the opposite).

Not much known about UC4's story but we are introduced to Drake's older brother, voiced by Troy Baker, at the end of the gameplay trailer. Honestly, I think he somewhat shares a similar presence as Uncharted's regular and fan favorite, Victor Sullivan. Speaking of Sully, he remains nowhere to be seen in the trailer but his dialog did appear in the E3 teaser, confirming his involvement in this new game.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is to be released in 2015. Looking forward to more announcements.

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